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Heart Centered Training from the Comfort of Home

Welcome to the Indigo Family Operations Center! This is the home base for all of the work that we do at Indigo International!

Start With Your Strengths…

Select a volunteer or staff position that you are the strongest in first,

Our goal is for you to grow with us! After success in one area, you can choose to grow into another job that you want to learn.

Web Development

Design, HTML & CSS, Javascript, 

Social Media

Provide support to our communities on Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest.

Library Services

Support students in research, communication about library resources.

Customer Happiness

Providing others with positive experiences through chat, email and text.

Clinical Support

Serve our clients inside of our Indigo Clinic. 


Preparing invoicing, maintenance of client billings and student accounts.

Events & Retreats

Event & retreat planning & management. 

Video Editing & Production

Edit and produce videos to inspire and educate others about holistic health practices.

Are you a teacher or healing practitioner?

Explore our open positions!

Learn by Doing

All of our Indigo Family Team Members are assigned a mentor who will be with you for your first six months working side by side with you.

You learn by jumping into projects and working through tasks with your mentor. In education, it is called, project based learning, and in our opinion, it’s the best way to learn! We have documentation every step of the way in both written and video form for you to support your success! 

Build your portfolio

Your growth is our priority. A healthy family helps one another grow!

Are there new skills you would like to learn? Areas that you would like training in to help you to move closer to your goals? We are here for it! We have many opportunities for you to grow with us through advancing your knowledge and through our Indigo Family Leadership Program that coaches aspiring team members to move into leadership positions.

Prioritize your wellness

All members of the Indigo Family have access to the same benefits…

We are here to support you living your highest vibrational life! Be inspired daily to balance your sleep, food, water, movement and meditation. Indigo Family benefits include tuition reimbursement, holistic health treatments, monthly meditation, discounts and credit towards the purchase of healing tools and more!

“We are still standing on the bank of the river,
rescuing people who are drowning. We have not
gone to the head of the river to keep them from
falling in. That is the 21st century task.” 

Gloria Steinam, Activist

Ready to get started?

The first step is to find a position that is best for you.